Who I am.

Nashville-based freelance writer.

Your company needs a writer on-hand for projects and proposals, but having a staff writer may not be cost effective. Hire a freelance writer that provides quality copywriting services in a laid-back, non-committal fashion. That way, your business can take advantage of professional copywriting, copyediting, and voice conceptualization when you need it, where you need it.

“Nicole is not only a great copywriter and editor but she also is on time with assignments and amazingly trustworthy. We will continue to use her services until she says, enough!” – Taylor Hill, BEVOWORKS

The Content Hybrid

I’m interested in becoming a definitive piece of the web development puzzle. Content is as important (if not more) as design and web development. The most successful projects I’ve worked on integrate content strategy and design, so all components work in tandem. Let’s take an inventory of your content, and see what’s working (and what’s not working) for you. Afterwards, we can craft a content calendar with clear incentives and dates for creating and outputting specific pieces of content. The result? No lapses in content updates, and greater success for your website, and your business. Read more about the content hybrid.