A Mother’s Thank You

by Nicole Branigan on May 13, 2012 · 1 comment

My greatest gift.On this Mother’s Day, my greatest gift is you.

You are my true gift, this Mother’s Day. Because I get you. I get to watch you grow. I get to watch you learn. I get to watch you laugh. And that is the best gift of all.

I get to hold you, and know that my hugs make you feel safe. I get to know what will make you feel better before you know it yourself.

I get to say, “Please, don’t touch that,” 815 times a day. I get to change 10 diapers a day. I get to be the only person you need and the only person you’re mad at simultaneously. I get to make you dinner so you can throw it all over the floor. I get to never sleep well again. (Seriously, that’s not a myth). I get to revel in a long, hot shower because those are all too rare.

But then again, I get to grow you in my belly. I get to be the first person you see in the morning, and nothing makes both of us happier. I get to watch those little feet grow and be tiny. I get to hear that laugh. I get to be here, now. And I get to be here with you.

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