Blast From The Plaid

by Nicole Branigan on August 25, 2014 · 0 comments

Last week I had an influx of spam comments on my website. It was annoying but also hilarious. But then, like a¬†lighting rod, I received one of the most poignant and important comments on a post I wrote almost exactly four years ago called Lessons From The Plaid Side. The article was written shortly after the death of the first friend I met after moving to Nashville, Jimmy O’Meara. The comment, almost four years to the day was from his mother. She had found the article after looking for some Photoshop tutorials Jimmy had done and wrote me to thank me for the article.

Thank me? I should thank her because Jimmy was a force in both my professional and creative life. Personally, Jimmy was one of the only people I had met since leaving New York two years prior that I felt like I could be myself around. He was goofy and unapologetically himself and I felt like I could FINALLY follow suit. Professionally, Jimmy built my first website for me (with the cosmically talented Sarah Stanley). He taught me that creatively and professionally the best way to become successful is to be you.

I’m honored his mother reached out to me and grateful that I was able to spend the following week reflecting on my friendship with Jimmy, his innate ability to teach and the lessons he taught me. Here’s to growth, prosperity and our god-given write to be weird.

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