Stop Trying So Hard

by Nicole Branigan on March 18, 2013 · 0 comments

Okay, writing isn't THAT hardCopywriters, marketers and online gurus – please stop trying so hard. Stop using words like “prostitute” and “shit” in your blog titles to fool people into thinking you’re actually writing about these things (fool me once, eh?). Stop swearing in your promotional tweets to get people to click on the link to your “slightly better than average” blog post.

Please, stop it.

If what you’re saying is interesting, we will like it. If what you’re saying is relevant and speaks to us, we will gladly share it. Say what you mean and say it in half the words you’re using to say it and I’ll read the entire thing (but I may meander to my Pinterest boards before I finish it).

If you’re funny, be funny. If you’re not funny, please don’t try to be funny. Unless you’re me and strategically honing your comedy act for a potential East Coast tour.

I realize how this sounds. I’ve taken a break from blogging for personal reasons, but also so I can figure out a way to say things that have value and are entertaining. When I first started blogging four years ago I wrote things like “blogging advice from a three year old,” and at the time I thought it was decent. But if I see one more “what this kid I know taught me about being authentic,” I’m going to scream. Kids don’t know shit about blogging.

As copywriters and online marketers we know better. We need to push ourselves to write interesting articles in a way that inform AND entertain. We also need to make them short enough so readers don’t get bored, but long enough to have substance. Oh, and we also have to make them intuitively shareable with captivating images. In other words, do all these things while working for paying clients and try not to suck, okay? Okay?

We can do it. I know we can.

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