Why Should You PodCamp?

by Nicole Branigan on February 25, 2011 · 1 comment

  1. For the food?
  2. For the excellent parking?
  3. For the shwag?
  4. For the unlimited soft drinks?

PodCamp Nashville 2011

WRONG! There are a million reasons to go to PodCamp this year, and not one reason not to go. PodCamp Nashville is THE unconference for techies, designers, developers, new media lovers, and anyone interested in learning something new. Sessions are held at Cadillac Ranch on Lower Broadway, and attendees are encouraged to bounce around to different sessions, start discussions, ask questions, learn, and have fun!

I attended PodCamp for the first time in 2010. It’s not fair to say that I, “attended.” The unconference was a week before my wedding and I was a bit stressed and mentally vacant. I was also the only person without a laptop and with a pen and pad in my hand. Under these circumstances I was still astounded with so many things about the event. Because of this, I’m looking forward to the following elements of Nashville’s premier unconference:

  1. The sessions. Of course it’s all about the sessions! From, Structured Content = Ponies and Rainbows for Everyone! with Laura Creekmore, to, “A Novel Idea: Social Media Can Make you a Better Writer,”* from Janet Wallace there is a deep pool of knowledge and discussion just waiting to be drank. I plan on bringing extra straws.
  2. The staff. When I say staff, I mean volunteers. The welcome staff, speakers, audio and visual support – everyone volunteers their time to make a memorable event and seamless learning environment for all. And they love doing it!
  3. The Discussions. I chose the word, “discussion,” rather than, “networking,” because that word has become contrived. Networking was, and should be a natural process where people come together to talk to people. Now it seems like a glorified business card exchange, and I’d like to get away from that. I’m looking forward to discussing sessions and new strategies with like-minded folks.
  4. The Learning. As an independent worker, it’s my responsibility, and part of my job to extend my knowledge, especially in a field that is so…dynamically dynamic. I’m looking forward to learning how I can become more of an asset to my clients.
  5. The food. I’m 6 months pregnant…I’m looking forward to the food.

It’s an honor to be a part of the PodCamp Nashville Blog Tour for 2011. I’m thrilled to be associated with such a talented group of writers and innovators. Here’s to an awesome PodCamp 2011! See you there!

*Sessions mentioned are examples only. While over 60 sessions were entered, there will be a random drawing TONIGHT to determine who will actually present at PodCamp Nashville!

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