Write with Color

by Nicole Branigan on January 6, 2012 · 0 comments

Writing with ColorColors are fantastic. That may seem ironic coming from the girl who spends most of her blog in black and white…


I envy graphic designers. They spend their days immersed in every color under the rainbow. Analyzing hexadecimal charts they get to ponder, “which color magenta would REALLY tell the story of this makeup artist and her website?” Being surrounded by color makes me feel surrounded by beauty, warmth, and at once, makes me feel alive.

Us writers don’t have it half bad either. We get to surround ourselves with juicy, four star words and get to ponder things like, “will the word ‘depict’ or ‘display’ being more effective for this author’s web copy?”

Because I don’t get to write IN color, I like to think of ways to write WITH color. Choosing meaty words to get my point across in a way that’s unique to even me helps make my world a little prettier. In fact, here are five of my favorite colorful words:

  1. dazzle
  2. unequivocal
  3. curated
  4. copacetic
  5. wild

You see, colorful words don’t have to be the hardest to spell (though I did have to look up how to spell “copacetic”) or have the most syllables (though I did have to look up how to spell “syllables”) they just need to make you FEEL something. Words that have the ability to make you feel something the way a vibrant green or blue can make you feel are words you should add to your dictionary. Writing with color is the best way to paint a picture of your purpose to your audience, and to make them feel something.


And that’s coming from the girl in black and white. 

What are your favorite colorful words?

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