13 Ways of Looking at a Marketing Blog

by Nicole Branigan on October 20, 2009 · 2 comments

Blackbird Marketing Blog

I promised you a blog that represents different blogging angles much like poet, Wallace Stevens did in his wonderfully crafted “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.” I hope to drive home the message in this post, as in others that your blog can take many forms – and should! Blogs are truly limitless and should represent you, your goals and your message, but it shouldn’t pigeonhole you. Don’t run the risk of boredom and stretch yourself into new realms of blogging!

13 Ways of Looking at a Marketing Blog

I. For You, By You

First and foremost, your blog is for you. You are the creative mind that fuels the ideas, and you are the machine that pushes your great ideas forward. Remember that, and allow your mind to surprise you everyday (or as often as you can)

II. Your Creative Outlet

One of the reasons I began Blackbird Marketing Blog was to constantly have an outlet to express my thoughts creatively. My brain is constantly working (because I’m so smart) so I need a way to let my ideas out. Consider your blog a way to think out loud.

III. Living, Breathing Portfolio

Blogs are the digital portfolio, that show employers, clients and prospects your most recent artistic work. Casual blogs are the best kind, but make sure it is up to date, accurate and free of typos to impress those you wish and to properly represent yourself.

IV. Social Experiment

People of Wal Mart, LATFH, and FailBlog are GREAT examples of the social experiment craze that blogs can create. Create a niche blog and allow people to post themselves, or email you submissions and see how far your blog can grow.

V. TweetScuse!

If you’re like me, you often have a hard time deciding what to tweet about. Eggs for breakfast? Looking forward to the newest episode of Grey’s Anatomy (this is a judge free zone, right?), from the trivial to the mundane, tweets can be very boring. But by posting an insightful new article, you have an excuse to tweet it to the world!

VI. Promote Great Design

My blog was developed by two of the most talented designers and developers I’ve ever met. Sarah Stanley and Jim O’Meara have created a unique and inspiring blog for me and I hope to help them promote their ingenious work with my blog.

VII. Practice Makes Perfect

In the writing world, you can’t aspire to improve unless you constantly read and write to hone your craft. It’s the only way. By having an outlet, I force myself to practice my writing skills and improve each day.

VIII. Great Pickup Line

“Have you seen my blog?” or “Check me out in the Blogosphere” are pickup lines that work for any gender and age demographic. Trust me.

IX. Knowledge is Power

Learn more. Read more. Do more. Duh.

X. Everyone is Doing It

How can YOU do it better? Take your blog above and beyond the others by approaching niche topics from another angle. Create a cooking blog from the voice of a metal head, or a dog lover’s blog for the cat person. Create something unique and followers will flock.

XI. Hey, You Never Know

Bloggers become famous every day! Make your blog something BLOGGERS talk about. Solidify a following and expand it until you’re the next Perez Hilton…without the flare..unless you like flare.

XII. Pshhh

Blogging is an excuse to talk about my favorite subject – ME! Open up to your readers and your return will be great.

XIII. Engage – Without the Diamond

Engage your readers in an interesting way. The more ways you make your blog different, and the more angles you approach, the more interesting and readable your blog becomes. Remember, stick to your theme/message, and don’t stray too far from it, or you may isolate and confuse your readers. But think of your message in a new way, turn it upside down, play dizzy bat with it – whatever. Take your blog to the next level for your readers, your followers and YOU!

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Pixie October 21, 2009 at 2:00 pm

“My brain is constantly working (because Iā€™m so smart)”

It’s true. Nicole is also the epitome of modesty. šŸ™‚


Nicole October 21, 2009 at 2:03 pm

I also never lie šŸ˜‰


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