5 Ways your Blog is like Your Dog

by Nicole Branigan on October 2, 2009 · 1 comment

*Disclaimer – sorry, cat lovers. We favor canines over here.

When you decide you’re ready to take the leap, and join the Blogosphere, realize that you’re taking a giant leap into technological and marketing adulthood. No more are the days of fleeting Twitter updates – you are taking a proactive step in establishing your own marketing strategies, and engaging potential clients into leads.

Start Small

If you’re new to the blogosphere, don’t overwhelm yourself. Just as you wouldn’t adopt a full grown great dane as your first pet, you shouldn’t pigeonhole yourself into an unrealistic blogging commitment. If you’re apprehensive, commit to publishing one blog article a week, and take the time to ensure that blog article is chock full of useful information for your readers.

Get to Know Your Blog

When you adopt your first pooch, you spend time betting acquainted. Get to know your marketing strategies and develop your blog accordingly. If your expertise is in SEO, use that as an anchor to excite your audience in a new way.  The better you understand your expertise, the more successful your blog will be.

Feed Your Blog

Feed your blog! Feed it useful, helpful and interesting information. After all, if you fed your dog nothing but styrofoam peanuts, chances are it wouldn’t be too healthy. You want your blog to be able to stand on its own two feet and the best way to do that is to blog about what matters to your audience in a way that will keep them hungry.

Nurture your Blog

If you want your blog to be successful, you can’t ignore it. When you get your first dog, you create a schedule in which you feed it, walk it and give it plenty of play time. Commit to your blog and set aside time for it. If you don’t, you’ll have a difficult time capturing readers and holding their interest.

When you decide to adopt a dog, you adopt a world of responsibility, but also rewards. Such is true with your blog. With each entry your blog rewards you with SEO possibilities, new avenues to share your brand, and a whole lotta marketing love.

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Chris Brown October 2, 2009 at 10:11 am

Do you have to clean up your blogs poo?


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