Blackbird Turns Blue!

by Nicole Branigan on May 31, 2010 · 0 comments

Avatar MovieRevamp Standard Practices to Reinvent Marketing Strategies

I watched Avatar for the second time (of many to follow) yesterday. It wasn’t in 3D, but in the comfort of my own living room so I was able to acknowledge the subtle nuances of the film that make me love it all the more.

Avatar, and more specifically James Cameron, have taken a lot of hits for the plot of the blockbuster film. Many are convinced that Cameron took age old tales of colonialism and regurgitated them for bank busting profits. Dances with Wolves told the same tale with Kevin Costner, and Ferngully:The Last Rainforest did it with Robin Williams voicing the “zany bat” character. Every remake of Pocahontas romanticizes the tale of a white man coming to a strange and savage land to betray its people, only to fall in love with them.

I get it. Avatar’s story is about as fresh as acid wash jeans. Yet, I can’t help but marvel at the way James Cameron reinvents the tale to make it relevant. Some may argue that all Cameron did was make his characters blue, and subtract a finger from each hand, but if people still find it interesting and entertaining, who cares?

Marketing tactics may change, and approaches to writing may differ throughout time. But tried and true principles of solid marketing and skillful writing will remain intact – of this I’m sure. What’s important is to take weather-beaten techniques and apply them differently, so they are always relevant. If you can figure out the best strategies for doing this, you’ll always be one step ahead of the competition.

Turn antiquated marketing methods blue, and watch your clientele grow!

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