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by Nicole Branigan on March 10, 2015 · 0 comments

Vertical Web | Blackbird Can Write

As a freelance writer, one of the biggest components of my job is blogging. I blog for a variety of clients who don’t have the time, experience or simply the desire to blog about their product or business. Why you wouldn’t want to write about yourself is something I’ll never understand, but I digress!

A blog I’ve had the privilege of working on the past two years is the blog for digital marketing agency, Vertical Web. I’ve worked with Luke and Marianne on several products and they’ve always been a pleasure so when the opportunity to work with them on their personal business blog was available I jumped at the chance. Luke wanted to hone in on conversions and talk about what it means to convert a website viewer into a paying customer.

At the risk of sounding like a cheese-eater, one of the most rewarding things about blogging for a company is getting to know the language and tone they want to use as well as the subject material (but for reals, I heart it). By blogging for Vertical Web I’ve been able to learn more about conversions, which is an essential tool I use in my own business (and probably something you do too without realizing it). Part of it is intuitive because naturally you want to turn every person that visits your website into a paying customer. But there are actual tools, tricks and methods you can use to make conversions a reality every time. Learning about things like A/B testing, the sales funnel and other components that make conversions work has been interesting and rewarding.

Stay tuned for more from Vertical Web, they are always busy churning out great web products for their clients. And thank you to Luke and Marianne for letting me work with you in 2015!

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