Blogs and Blocks

by Nicole Branigan on November 2, 2009 · 0 comments

Blogs and Blocks…And How Both Use Strategy

Jenga and Blogging

Jenga is one of the best games invented. I grew up playing Jenga and to this day, my sister and I enjoy and overly dramatic competition involving those time tested and approved building blocks of fun.

For those of you who don’t enjoy fun, and haven’t heard of Jenga, it’s a Milton Bradley game involving stacked blocks. Each player (once it is their turn – no grabby pants or gun jumpers invited) must remove a block, and stack it on the top of the structure. Hilarity ensues as the game ventures forth, the blocks stack higher and the loser yanks that unholy building block that causes the entire tower to tumble.

How one plays Jenga usually coincides with how one approaches most problems. There are two types of Jenga players, and subsequently two types of bloggers. It all comes down to personality:

The Strategist – This block builder is all about planning each play before, during and after their turn. They memorize the failed attempts of previous plays and strive to never make the same mistakes. To this Jenga player, each Jenga tower is a mathematical equation waiting to be solved.

This blogger strategizes each blog post with the same carefully calculated movement. They understand their blog’s message and strive to make each post clearly articulate their underlying theme. Being a strategic blogger is a wonderful tactic, but be careful not to pigeonhole yourself in a way that stunts your blog into only approaching one topic.

The Organic Blog Builder – This Jenga player loves to be surprised and enjoys watching how the game unfolds on its own. Sure, players a, b, and c have tried to remove that tricky block, but player d can’t wait to try it themselves…and show everyone how it’s done.

This blogger revels in seeing how each blog post will develop, and brainstorms ideas by the seat of their pants. Blog themes mean nothing to the organic blogger who enjoys off the cuff development and naturally cultivated ideas. If you are this type of blogger – that’s great! However, be sure to maintain your overall theme/message so as not to confuse your loyal readers. A blog post about light cooking one day, and wedding tips the next without a theme that ties it together may excite you, but it could cost you readers.

Blogging is all about “doing you” (more about that later, alongside Lil Wayne) and it’s important to stay true to yourself while blogging to personify your blog and give it a face, as well as a name. Identifying your habits is the best way to be a successful blogger, and a champion Jenga player.

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