Content is Design too!

by Nicole Branigan on October 4, 2010 · 0 comments

Graphic Design Meets Content DesignThe way it looks is just as important as what it says.

I love graphic designers. I appreciate the highly conceptualized creative process that goes into web design, logos, print material and the like. I have always been floored by a designer’s ability to take a client’s words and turn them into an aesthetically and cognitively effective piece of branding material. I love design so much, that I immensely consider it when writing content for my clients.

Content and design go hand in hand. Pictures and images placed on a web page or brochure always dictate where copy will go on any piece of material. Above and beyond this, content writers always consider above the fold standards, and headlines for each and every page. We craft content to look fluid, and to be easily read, and must understand that the average website visitor is so “quick to click” away from the page that the content needs to say the important stuff first, and say it well. We realize the need for calls to action at every reading point, and strive to make the content development process a creative and effective one, that at the end of the day gets you the business you need.

Here are some great examples of content design and how it can effectively market your business, while showcasing your expertise.

Cabedge – These guys have a lot of say, and they say it by carefully choosing their words, and placing the content in areas that naturally attract the reader’s eyes.

Proof Branding – Another one of my favorites. These guys do a great job marrying content and design for a website that is truly effective. Love!

Content developers should set out to work with developers and designers to combine all the elements of web design and development, print design, and other forms of media to create pieces of branding that capture the attention of potential clients in ways that work.

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