Content is King, But it Takes a Court to Rule A Kingdom

by Nicole Branigan on November 15, 2009 · 0 comments

Content is KingBlackbird Marketing considers the other pieces of the search engine puzzle.

We’ve all heard it before: Content is King in Search Engine Placement. Most bloggers, marketers and web developers understand that content is one of the most vital pieces of the search engine placement puzzle. A successful website must include interesting, dynamic, keyword rich content, but let’s examine what else can make a website successful.


If your business is in a competitive niche, this could become the be all/end all of your website’s placement. Google’s page rank system weighs heavily on links, and every link to your website is a popularity vote for it. The more links, the more Google takes notice because viewers/internet users are finding the information on your website useful and interesting. How do you get links? Link building strategies are often complicated, however beginning link building is quite simple. Read industry specific blogs, and comment on them with a link to your website, or answer questions in Yahoo! or Wiki Answers with a link to your website. Enter your website into free directories such as and to get a jump start on the competition.

Social Media

Social media is the town crier of your website’s kingdom. Social media allows you to shout “Come one! Come all! Check out my awesome website!” Find which social media platforms work best for your website and turn them into lead generations and clientele. Remember the cardinal rule in social media! Give AND take links, information and shout-outs. Be sure you’re not in the town square constantly begging for attention.

The Jester

This is the element of your website that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Become a source of information and knowledge for your viewers, clients and prospects, but let them know you’re a real, approachable entity as well. Most people LOVE doing business with REAL people, and not omnipresent corporate types. This doesn’t mean you should constantly act like a clown, but there is nothing wrong with having fun.  Post pictures of your company party on your website, or blog about trivial idiosyncrasies, as well as serious industry topics. Let your audience know you don’t mind letting your hair down.

The Page

This part of your business model should always be evolving. As a page in medieval times, you should consider yourself a constant student in web marketing, development and social media. One thing I love about internet marketing, web development and social media is that it’s a dynamic niche in which the rules and patterns are constantly changing. Take advantage of this and learn all you can. The more you learn, the more of a leg up you’ll have on your competition.

Incorporate these, and other practices into your website marketing strategy. Understand that content is essential, but there it takes more to rule your domain.

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