Content Versus Information – There Is A Difference

by Nicole Branigan on January 21, 2013 · 0 comments


ContentSteakI call myself a content writer. A writer of content. But that isn’t always accurate. Content comes in so many forms it is impossible to narrow them all down. Videos, pictures, podcasts  – they are all forms of content.

Content can also be total crap. The shitty tweets you (I) send. The horrible videos you insist on uploading (Jenna Marbles, I’m looking at you). Content can be as bad as when you copy and paste someone else’s content onto your website (oh, god, my eyes! My eyes!). Content can be as beautiful and honest as Preschool Gems.

The difference between content and information is that information IS content. It’s just the good kind of content that informs, persuades, enlightens and interests. Information is the kind of content that is developed and created, not just slapped together like the pancakes I force my family to eat every weekend. Content is the steak. Not the sprinkle of parsley garnish. For vegans, content is the manufactured meat product you pass off as “steak crumbles” or “chicken bites.”

Content is necessary. Content makes the web flow. But there is so much awful, painstakingly horrible, bloody-eye inducing content on the Internet it is easy to confuse content and information. Which one will you produce?

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