Elderly Couple with Webcam Knows more about Blogging Than You.

by Nicole Branigan on September 15, 2011 · 0 comments

Have you SEEN these two?! I cannot stop watching this video, and judging by my Facebook wall neither can you. This elderly couple from the American Northwest inadvertently turned on their webcam when trying to take a video, and recorded themselves being well, adorable:

What can bloggers and marketers learn from this misstep? Three things:

1. Be yourself. Always. Whether you know someone is watching, or have no idea you’re filming yourself always strive to be yourself in every situation. This notion will serve itself in your personal and professional life, and is a true asset when determining the tone of your blog. As I’ve always said (read: preached) if you’re not funny, don’t start a comedy blog. If you hate literature, don’t quote Homer or Twain. By being true to yourself and maintaining your personal voice (and integrity) you will create a unique experience your readers will appreciate.

2. Embrace your silly side. If everyone would stop taking themselves so damn seriously, the world would be a much sillier, more enjoyable place. Bruce Huffman, male lead in the Web Cam 101 for Seniors video makes funny faces, flirts with his wife, and even releases a bodily function (excuse me for being so rude, it was not me it was my food…ahhh forget it). By embracing the sillier, simpler you, your audience will understand that like them, you are a real person. This will pay in dividends as you embrace social media.

3. If you make mistakes, roll with them. Bruce and Esther made a pretty embarrassing mistake. Filming themselves and having the entire exercise posted on YouTube for the world to see could lead to so much embarrassment they wouldn’t have wanted to leave their retirement community. Instead, they are rolling with the punches and in the end, becoming even more lovable. If you make a mistake in front of your audience, don’t hide from it like it’s the plague. Instead, use it to your advantage and allow it to become a way to relate to your audience/following.

I’m pretty obsessed with Bruce and Esther, and for good reason. They are cute, hilarious, and so darn lovable. They’ve also reminded that I shouldn’t take myself too seriously, and that being myself is often one of the most rewarding exercises in this life.

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