Help! I’m out of ideas!

by Nicole Branigan on May 10, 2011 · 0 comments

Writer's Block TipsWhat to do when your creative well runs dry.

It happens to all of us. We feel uninspired, our minds are filled with daily tasks and other mundane thoughts, or we simply don’t feel like writing. Whether you write personally or professionally this can pose a problem that is frustrating and sometimes scary. Fear not fellow writer – there are things you can do when you feel you have run out of ideas.

#1 Realize You’ll Never Run Out of Ideas. Ideas are like love. There’s always more. If you ever get nervous that all your great ideas have been explored, assure yourself that where there where once great ideas there are more to follow. The truth is, you can never run out of ideas.

#2 Sharing Your Ideas Will Bring More Ideas. This is an interesting notion for bloggers. We always draw from poignant blog posts we read, and make them into our own blog posts. Yet, when someone does that to us, we are immediately insulted, offended or put off. Realize that sharing your ideas, only for them to be used, is the highest form of flattery. Don’t hold on to your ideas for fear that someone will steal them. Spreading your ideas will only lead to the generation of more creative thought, discussion, and sharing.

#3 Your Ideas are there, they just Need to be Tapped. Remind yourself of #1. You haven’t run out of ideas, they just haven’t been discovered yet. Put yourself in a place of inspiration. Read poetry. Go for a walk. Close your eyes and empty your mind. Or quite simply, just start writing! The more you allow yourself to discover ideas where you least expect them, the greater chance you have of uncovering small and grandiose ideas that will lead you somewhere wonderful. Inspire yourself and tap into a world of creativity where you least expect it.

Whether you’re experiencing writer’s block, inventor’s issues, or a good old fashioned brain freeze, it’s nothing to worry about. Reminding yourself, and believing that your ideas are right around the corner will alleviate pressure and make room for creative thinking that’s all your own.


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