How Much YOU Should Be In Your Blog?

by Nicole Branigan on June 3, 2013 · 0 comments

Always Be ContributingProfessional Blogs Are:

  1. Informative
  2. Educational
  3. Well-Written
  4. Entertaining

Professional Blogs Are Not:

  1. Diaries
  2. Complaint Forums
  3. Online Dating Communities

When blogging professionally it is necessary to ride the line between inserting personality into your voice and creating a tone that’s too casual and inappropriate. If you’re wondering how much YOU should be in your blog, consider the following:

The Locker Room Guideline

Injecting an anecdote into a blog post is a helpful way to make your blog personal, relatable and entertaining. However, it is important to remember that some stories weren’t meant to be heard by everyone. Would you tell it in the locker room? Then leave it out of your blog. Locker room stories (similar to happy hour stories and don’t-tell-my-mother-in-law stories) are purely for entertaining and are rarely PG-rated or appropriate for a blog that’s meant to inform.

Coffee Is For Contributors

That’s what Alec Baldwin meant in Glengarry Glen Ross, right? If a specific anecdote or tonal style doesn’t CONTRIBUTE to the benefit if your blog then you should reconsider if it’s worth including. You may have a great tale about that one time you asked a girl out and she turned you down and you were embarrassed and you went to the theater to see 27 Dresses by yourself and maybe it wasn’t your first time doing that BUT what’s the point? Can you tie it up in a neatly wrapped package to tell a lesson about entrepreneurial perseverance? If it doesn’t contribute you may need to rethink its value.

If you have a lot of personality, your audience should know about it, because that is what will set you apart from your competitors. Being a true professional means being slick about how you showcase your personality by telling stories that matter while understanding when to pull the reins in. How much YOU should be in your blog? Enough, my friend. Just enough.

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