How To Not Suck At Blogging

by Nicole Branigan on December 21, 2012 · 0 comments

The Chapter On Images

Stock Image Of A Man Fist170 million. That’s roughly how many blogs are currently in existence. That’s a rough estimate, and the number is growing rapidly. There are plenty of niche bloggers monetizing their content, and I’m happy for them, really I am. But what drives me nuts about so many of these bloggers is that they lack the knowledge of basic web principles. Yes, you can make money from your blog. No, you should not ignore web basics that make your blog neat, please the Google lords and allow it to load quickly. Basic web knowledge will keep your blog from looking crappy and make sure you look professional. Because when you look professional people think you know what you’re talking about.


Any web developer, designer and knowledgeable blogger will tell you that you should add images to your blog. Images are visually appealing and are also searchable. It’s easy to optimize images (you are doing this, right?) so it’s an easy way to boost your search engine rankings. Here are a few simple tips when adding images to your website.

Check Your Credit

If you’re writing a blog post about unicorns, don’t do an image search for unicorns, right click the first one you find and “Save Image As.” Those images are subject to copyright on an individual basis. If you need an image for your blog post, either pay for it via a stock image website or use a free stock image website. I like

Don’t Stuff A Bajillion Images In One Post

This drives me nuts. Unless you are writing a BuzzFeed article on the 26 Moments That Restored Our Faith In Humanity (have you seen this? No, I’m not crying, there’s just something in my eye) then there is no reason to add image after image after image. If the user has to scroll through twenty images in one post, pretty soon they’re all going to blend together and none of them will stand out. Pick one or two striking images and properly optimize them. Oh yea –


  1. Add a description
  2. Add alt text
  3. Make sure the image file is clean (you know, like dog_running.jpg instead of dog_3949659239493poop.jpg)

There you have it. That’s pretty simple, right? Make sure your images are your’s to use. Make sure you’re not using too many, and make sure you’re optimizing your images. And remember kids, be a good little blogger, because Santa is watching.

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