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by Nicole Branigan on November 5, 2009 · 0 comments

Lil WayneWhat Lil Wayne Can Teach us About Ourselves and our Brand

Grammy winning rapper, Lil Wayne debuted on the hip hop scene in 1997, but didn’t achieve vast recognition until 2004, after releasing the first of his hip hop trilogy, Tha Carter, Tha Carter II and Tha Carter III. His unique growl and unabashed lyrics have enabled him to take the rap genre by storm.

Lil Wayne’s success is the result of 2 ingenious marketing moves. The first marketing strategy Lil Wayne successfully executed was his ability to unapologetically be himself. His chargrilled voice sets him apart from his competitors and makes his music truly memorable. His lyrics lack remorse, and from a writer’s standpoint, one can’t argue with his ability to string images and metaphors together in a way that is inventive, surprising and hilarious. As a writer, and a poet, I can’t help but love lines like “Y’all boys too weak, like fourteen days.”

The second marketing move Lil Wayne accomplished was something every online/media marketer should learn – Give Before you Take. This is the NUMBER ONE rule of successful online marketers. Long before Lil Wayne released his album Tha Carter, he was hard at work collaborating with some of the most popular hip hop rappers on the scene. Lil Wayne was featured on everyone’s record from Fat Joe, to Wyclef Jean and Jay-Z. From a marketing perspective this catapulted him into a place where he could effortlessly achieve high record sales from his exposure on hit records, years before he released his hit album.

I love Lil Wayne, not only for his wildly entertaining lyricism but for his well-crafted marketing strategies. If you are using social media as a way to capture leads, you can learn something from Lil Wayne…really! Give information to your followers, via your website and social media outlets. If you are in a position to, offer deals and specials through your Twitter account (i.e. Mention this tweet and receive a free Lil Wayne poster!). It is vital that your business model gives before you hope to receive anything from your prospects.

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