If At First You Aren’t Sure…Read it Again.

by Nicole Branigan on September 6, 2010 · 0 comments

The importance of proofreading everything. proofread your blog posts

I’m an editor, writer, and overall word lover. Does that mean I never make a typo and ALWAYS know the correct spelling of a word? No (damn you conc..err…concsous….gah consciously). I type too fast, and skim my posts, and because of this I always find typos in my own work. I realize, more than ever, how important it is to proofread your posts once, twice, and even three times.

Blog Posts and Articles

You may feel confident in your ability to type, and roughly graze your posts as you  complete them. If this is your approach to editing and proofreading you should also feel confident that you’ve overlooked a common spelling error or typographical error.

Print Material

There is nothing worse than ordering 500 business cards with your name spelled wrong (yes, it happens) or having an expensive brochure or professional invitation printed with a simple oversight. Proofread and proofread again.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Oh My!

Yes, if you’re posting on social networks professionally, or for a client, it is vital to read your posts for simple typos and spelling errors. Sure, your audience will know what you meant to say, but that’s not the point. One of your social media goals should be to become a authoritative voice in your field, or a way for your following to communicate with you. The best way to do this is to make sure your posts are free of silly and avoidable errors. How you say what you’re saying is just as important as the subject matter. If you can’t write your devotees will wonder what else you can’t do.

We are not infallible, and I have made my share of (millions of) easily editable typos and spelling errors. To compensate for our inherent nature to type “your” when we mean “you’re” be sure you’re reading what you put out there before you hit “Post”.

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