It’s My Website, I Can Say What I Want

by Nicole Branigan on October 28, 2013 · 0 comments

Miley Cyrus At VMAs

It’s a hot mess, but it’s a strategic hot mess.” – Miley Cyrus

Yes, it’s your website, and yes you have the freedom to say whatever you want but it’s also important to pull the reins in. And this is coming from someone who prefers the occasional swear in her professional [read: self-indulgent] blog posts.

Your website is yours, but it belongs to your viewers. They decide whether to click through each page, share a blog post or pick up the phone to call you and find out more.

Your website should reflect you and your personality but not at the expense of your business. Don’t cover up your personality, but let it shine in a way that is complimentary to you and appropriate for your business.

How Do I Show Personality Through My Website?

  1. Great Design. Your website should look like it’s your website, but it should also be intuitive, user-friendly and beautiful.
  2. Superb Copy. Personality shines through great copywriting. A skilled copywriter will hone in on who you are and channel that into words that explain your business as well as give the viewer a feel for who you are.

Don’t be a hot mess for the sake of being a Miley Cyrus hot mess. Put professionals in your corner that help you narrow in on who you are and what you do in a way that is accessible to your audience.

*Editor’s Note: The author of this blog post may or may not have watched the MTV Miley Cyrus documentary that one time.

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