Let’s Talk About Sax: How Copywriting is Like a Sax Solo

by Nicole Branigan on November 12, 2012 · 0 comments

Alto Saxophone

I played alto saxophone for years, and was quite good. All state, jazz band, solos (nerd alert). When I was in college I sold my saxophone so I could buy money for stupid (yet awesome) things like beer and clothes. I always regretted it, and hope to one day return to my jazzy roots. Now that I’m a writer and a mother (among other things – stop trying to put me in a box GOD), I still love putting on a slow jazz record on rainy days and basking in the cheesy, soulful goodness.

Copywriting is a lot like playing the saxophone (without the sunglasses). Good copywriting has all the components of a mind blowing sax solo and can make you look just as cool.

An Extension Of Yourself

Just as the saxophone becomes an extension of your body (reed becomes and extension of your mouth, key touches become an extension of your fingers), your content should be an extension of your personality. No two saxophone solos are exactly the same, and your web content should be just as original as you are. Let your website and ad copy reflect that.

Spontaneous Yet Controlled

Every good saxophone solo has that component that forces you to breathlessly anticipated the next note. Saxophonists often seem out of control, like they could lose the groove at any moment (only the coolest sax players say things like groove). Lest you be fooled – the saxophonist is never out of control. Your content should also feel natural and spontaneous, but should still maintain control. Trust that crazy idea and let your freak flag fly! Your content will thank you.

Call To Action

I say this plenty of times – know your call to action. The saxophonist knows whether he/she wants his audience to dance, or move in for that classic “Smooth Hits: A CD Compilation” kiss. Analyze what you want your audience to do, and let your copy do its dang job.

Copy Is Only As Good As The Sum Of Its Parts

A saxophonist is only as good as the rhythm section behind him or her. Your content will only be great if your web presence, social media efforts and branding materials (logo, web design) work in tandem. If your web content is great but your logo looks like it fell off the DeLorean after it took a trip to 1993 then you’ve got work to do.

Don’t be afraid to let your content fly off the cuff and reflect your personality. As long as there is a strategic, calculated approach and all the pieces of your puzzle are lined up your content will be awesome. Because you are awesome.

What’s a blog post about the saxophone without a saxophone clip? Here’s a clip of one of my favorite saxophone players, Sam Kininger. Notice how the entire band works together and is consistently paying attention to each other. So should every component of your web content and overall branding presence.

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