Letter From my Blog

by Nicole Branigan on September 22, 2011 · 0 comments

Dear Nicole,

Oh hai! Wuzzup? I’m just chilling here, collecting more hits than Rihanna and thought I’d drop you a line and see how it’s going. Scratch that, I’m actually writing to tell you that you’re seriously dropping the ball over here. While one post a week is fair, there are a few more things you could be doing to help me work, and to take your web popularity into overdrive (your physical popularity, that’s another story).

  1. Optimize me. It only takes a second! WordPress has amazing search engine optimization features that let you input meta data in less than 30 seconds*. Input meta data in a few subsequent posts and watch what happens. I think you’ll like the results.
  2. Optimize my images. This is where you’re really slacking. Images make my articles interesting and eye-catching, but images are also highly searchable inside Google’s algorithm. WordPress also makes it easy to optimize images with alternate text and captions*, so for Pete’s sake, do it!
  3. Create categories. Not only are these helpful for readers looking for posts about specific subjects, they also show up in the URLs of specific posts thereby making them even more magically searchably searchable!
  4. Create more lists. Well, it looks like you’ve got that one down. But, as you know, lists are incredibly readable and linkable. People love to read lists because they provide nuggets of information quickly. After all, Americans are important and busy (read: lazy/distracted), and we need our information NOW.

The thing is, you’re doing a pretty good job. You’re as committed to your blog as your despondence will allow.  You’re moderately invested in my success, and you know what, I can live with that. You’re doing a fine job, you just need to do more of it.


Forever yours,

Bloggity Blog


*30 seconds is a rough estimate depending on how fast you type and how dumb you are.

*The word “easily” is used loosely. Also dependent on your brain smarts.

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