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by Nicole Branigan on May 24, 2010 · 2 comments

How to Kick Your Blog’s Ass Like Sayid Sayid From LOST

Last night marked the final episode of my favorite television show, Lost. Lost transcended television and engaged its audience like no other show in the history of entertainment. Lost became a phenomenon in which viewers questioned themes like faith, and writers alluded to philosophers and explored physics. Lost was smart. Lost was awesome. Lost is over.

To show tribute to the smartest show [once] on television, I will honor my favorite character, Sayid Jarrah. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of enjoying Lost, Sayid was a former Iraqi solider who specialized in torturing his enemies. While this may not be the best tactic for getting people to read your blog, Sayid can show us other blogging principles:

Being the unsung hero – I’m pretty sure I’m the only Lost fan who thought Sayid was the best character ever. While I loved his kick ass fighting style, and found his accent sexy, I also loved Sayid because he was the underdog. Loved by few, hated by many and feared by most, Sayid was always himself. Chances are, you’re not the most popular blogger on the block, but you could be. Be yourself, and enjoy being the underdog.

Good? Bad? If you’re a small business owner, I don’t recommend this tactic, but if you’re blogging for the sake of blogging and the hopes of fame and popularity, sometimes it helps to keep your audience guessing. Sayid was dangerous, and prone to violence because it was in his nature. Yet, as Hurley said to Sayid in the final episode of Lost last night:

Sayid Jarrah“I think you’re a good guy, Sayid. I know a lot of people have told you that you’re not…but you can’t let people decide who you are.”

Sayid’s dichotomy of good and evil made him alluring. Sometimes it benefits you to keep your audience guessing.

Use your many skills. Sayid was part martial artist, part weapons specialist, part telecommunications genius, and he was also very loyal. He used all of his many skills to benefit himself, and for the greater good of the rest of the passengers on Oceanic Flight 815. Use all your skills for the good of your blog.

There will never be a television show like Lost. A show that challenges its audience to think and react is a rare gem. Lost will be relevant for years to come, and will continue to teach us lessons for decades.

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Andrew May 24, 2010 at 2:02 pm

We’re going to have to take your boy.


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