On Evolution and Lion Dromes

by Nicole Branigan on August 24, 2012 · 0 comments

I discovered something this week. Something that will forever leave me changed. My friends, in the 1920s there occurred something so unbelievably moronic in the best possible way. Welcome to the Lion Drome, mother fuckers.

Let me break it down for you.

In the 1920s, on an average weekend night you could buy tickets, sit in a stadium, and see this:

Welcome to the Lion Drome

Your eyes do not deceive you. That is a lion in a car with a person in a dome of what the only possible result is DEATH. People did this. And people paid to see this. AND THEY LIKED IT.

If this isn’t a worthy lesson in the need for evolving, then I don’t know what is. These people were obviously bat shit crazy. Or awesome. Or both. Either way, someone in their infinite wisdom one day said, “Hey, that thing where we put lions in cars with people in a dome – let’s figure out a way to have fun while not doing that.” I think that was the day roller coasters were invented.

You see, we are constantly evolving in one way or another. Whether it’s to stay relevant or to avoid a head on collision with a jungle cat. The way we do business, the type of business we do, how we interact with clients, friends, family. If you’re doing it right, you’re never doing it the same.

One of the biggest challenges we have as professionals is staying fresh in an incredibly dynamic world. Buzz words we used last month are now only reserved for the out of touch. Blink and you could miss the next social media phenomenon. If you work with the web, it has never been more important to stay ahead of the curve.

  • The web demands more.
  • Your clients demand more.
  • You should demand more.

Even if you can’t commit to evolving, at least be open to the idea. You may not have time to go back to school, take a seminar, or attend a conference this year. That’s okay. As long as you stay open to the idea that you cannot stay the same, you are ahead of the curve.

  • Realize things are changing faster than you can accept

  • Commit to not committing

  • Never stop changing

By having the foresight to see you will have to change then you are already ahead.

Photo Credit (and overall article inspiration. If you have the time to read, it is well worth it)

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