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What rollerblading has taught me about my Rollerbloggingbusiness, and how not to stay cool.

I’ve recently RE-discovered rollerblading, and it has changed my body, and my life. My mind and body feel great, and I’ve been inspired enough to feel confident in training for my first 5K race. But I’ve also learned a lot about myself, and my business. Here are the few simple notions rollerblading has revealed to me.

Don’t Stay Cool. I get it – rollerblading isn’t cool. I know it isn’t cool because of the “what is this, 1994?” looks I get as I barrel down the path at my favorite East Nashville park. Sometimes I feel like a dork, but the truth is, it isn’t really about how cool I am, or what anyone thinks.

As with your business, if you constantly worry about what the competition is doing, or what is “cool,” you’ll only be imitating what others are doing, instead of finding your own path, and your own business model. Stay true to what feels right for you, and you’ll always stay cool.

Get Back On That Horse! I took a pretty nasty spill a couple of weeks ago, and had road rash and bruises like nobody’s business. Both my ego and I took a hit, but I got back on my rollerblades and feel more confident than ever. The lesson? Sometimes you need to slow down (when you’re not as good as you think you are).

If you’ve had setbacks with your business, or someone has left a hurtful comment on your blog – don’t sweat it. Okay, maybe sweat it for a minute, but try to learn from it and extract the positive and beneficial from an unpleasant situation. And sometimes inexperience is the best teacher.

Always Keep your Equipment Up to Date. It’s important to keep the tools and equipment you use up to date, especially the equipment specifically used in YOUR industry. I’m currently in the market for a pair of these eco-friendly rollerblades with the bamboo frame in hopes of retiring the sad plastic rollerblades I bought off a family man in Phoenix. (Donations currently being accepted via PayPal /

If you’re in the web development and design industry in anyway, keep your technology up to date. Not only will your work stay up to par with the latest innovations, but your clients will appreciate your attention to what’s new in the biz.

When you seen me out on my rollerblades, please don’t throw burritos or sticks at me. I’ve learned that being successful sometimes means staying 8 wheels ahead of the competition.

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