Sharing is Caring

by Nicole Branigan on November 29, 2010 · 0 comments

The Guest Blog

Sharing is an important part of blogging. You share your blog posts chockfull of information for your readers. You promote other blogger’s information in favor of reciprocity. You share tweets, updates, and other short quips to perpetuate a give and take of information. Guest blogging is a great way to share information, as well as ideas from others.

Ask for guest bloggers! More often than not, once you develop relationships with like-minded bloggers, they are more than happy to write a 400-500 word blog post to be posted on your website, and why not? It’s common practice to link back to their website, extending their web network and much more.

Similarly, if someone asks you to guest blog, you should ALWAYS say yes. Unless of course, the topic is something you’re not familiar and/or comfortable with. However, guest blogging is a great way to gain links to your website, extend your outreach, and develop reciprocal relationships with your network and beyond.

This week I blogged for my friends at Harkins Creative. I love their “Small Company, BIG Results,” frame of mind and they’ve been beyond supportive of me and my personal and professional goals. Thanks guys!

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