Stop being original and just be you!

by Nicole Branigan on May 16, 2012 · 1 comment

Am I the first person to write a blog about blogging? Yes. But this isn’t about me.

Don't be afraid to be weird.Being original is important, because it distinguishes you from the crowd. Being original allows you to offer something unique, something that hasn’t been done before. But let’s face it, the odds of being totally original are fairly small. Beyond being original, you should strive to just be you.

People love stories.

People love personalities.

Discover the core of what makes you YOU.

By being YOU, you offer key things that can help you become successful:

  • Authenticity
  • The ability to tell your own story
  • No barrier between you and your audience

When you’re unequivocally yourself, you allow your audience to really see what you’re like, and they will appreciate that and more importantly, relate to you. If you try to do the opposite, they’ll be able to tell. Your audience will smell your pretence a mile away – and people don’t take kindly to phonies.

Enjoy your quirkiness, your idiosyncrasies, and share them with the world. Now, I don’t mean you should tap each doorknob four times before making sure it’s locked or discuss your parent’s divorce at your next networking event. Instead, let your logo and marketing materials express your style, and don’t be afraid to express yourself through social media. In the ongoing battle to be original, take a break and just be you.

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