Studies show that you like lists, so here is a list

by Nicole Branigan on November 30, 2011 · 1 comment

Who doesn’t like a good list? Fast, easy to read – you get in, get your information, and get the hell out. I’ve had lots of blogging ideas lately, but nothing completely fleshed out. So, here is a list of ideas and notions (in no particular order of importance or interest):

  1. I worry our generation is too used to sending and receiving information, media, and communication with the push of a button. Because we get information so easily I fear some of us expect to get EVERYTHING this easily.
  2. If you have nothing to write about, should you write anything at all? Probably.
  3. I’m getting as far away from providing social media as a service as possible, because I don’t think I even know what “doing social media” means anymore.
  4. I’m considering getting my certification in professional writing. How do you justify the cost and time spent on furthering your education when that time could be spend making dolla dolla bills?
  5. It’s embarrassing how few books I read.
  6. The two best albums of the year are Mary J. Blige My Life II and Jay-Z and Kayne West’s Watch the Throne.
  7. Infographics rule. They just rule. They are a never-ending way to make a large amount of data accessible while expressing a dazzling amount of creativity.
  8. Being a comedy writer must be incredibly difficult.
  9. When I visit your website, and a chat window pops up asking, “Can I help you?” I will most likely immediately leave your website. It’s disruptive and annoying.
  10.  I’m working on self-publishing a book! No, it’s not a vampire novel – it’s a book of poetry. For more information, visit my Kickstarter campaign.

Now, get back to work.

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Auntie Gale November 30, 2011 at 4:36 pm

this is great!


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