The Talking Lizard

by Nicole Branigan on February 7, 2010 · 1 comment

Blogging Advice from a 3 Year Old  Dragon

I visited my nephew this past summer and living in Phoenix, Arizona at the time I purchased him a rubber lizard. I thought it was the perfect gift – just gross enough to be cool, and just safe enough not to pose one of those pesky choking hazards. I was so excited to give my nephew his new rubber reptile.

Once my nephew had a moment to play with the rubber lizard I gave him, I waited in anticipation for him to squeal with glee as he explored the world with his scaly friend. Much to my dismay my nephew looked at the lizard, turned it over and innocently asked,

“Nee, why it don’t talk?”

This simple sentence helped me realize two things. One, I am cheap and need to buy more exciting gifts for my nephew. Two, that the lizard didn’t talk, because I hadn’t given him a voice. Had I been clever I would have said,

“Don’t you hear him? Listen verrrryyy closely…Can you hear that?” Once my nephew placed his ear gingerly at the lizards mouth I’d yell “Roar!!!!” startle him and we’d erupt in giggles.

As with my nephew’s rubber lizard, my blog only has a voice because I give it one. Interested in starting a blog? Consider your decree! Deciding on the style and syntax doesn’t need to happen overnight, but it needs to happen. Sustaining your voice allows your readers to understand a piece of you, and therefore connect with you. Equally important is making sure that voice is truthful to you. Normally cynical? Don’t mask your voice with cheeriness. Often optimistic and open? Don’t suddenly become overtly cautious – you’ll come off looking fake. Don’t shy away from exploring different points of view, but don’t change your personality overnight.

Simply put, maintain your style, take time to discover your true voice and invest in the validity of your statement. And I will invest in a Tickle Me Elmo.

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