The Worst Craigslist Ad In History

by Nicole Branigan on May 3, 2013 · 0 comments

I just came across this Craigslist callout for a blogger/content writer. This guy is willing to pay you 100 whole dollar for:

Your experience (that you may or may not have spent years gaining)

Your Twitter and Facebook following (that you’ve maybe spent years fostering)

10 articles (between 250-1000 words (he’s paying you 100 whole dollars, so you choose)

Your CMS knowledge (because you have to post the damn things yourself.)

Worst Craigslist Ad In History

$100. 100 freaking dollars. This guy doesn’t need a content writer. He needs an intern with rich parents. This is timely because I just finished reading Why I Don’t Have An Hourly Rate by Chris Lema (read it, it’s good). Where creativity meets technology there is a special place where web developers, graphic designers and copywriters live. We have a difficult time quantifying our value and are constantly asked to lower our prices and provide hourly rates, which as Chris aptly asks, you wouldn’t ask your dentist or mechanic to do so, so why ask your tech/creative team?

Why In God’s Name Are You Looking On Craigslist?

I know what you’re thinking. Craigslist is become an increasingly illegitmate place to connect with people, find work or buy a broken television from a man with an eye patch who may or may not stuff you a van. While I don’t foster many professional connections through CL, I do ty to stay abreast of my field and its job offerings. If a major PR/ad/web shop is looking for content writers, I may contact them. Craiglist remains part of my weekly social media skimming that helps me better understand my tech community.

This job offer has made me irate. How dare this person demand professionalism, experience and the utilization of a vast social network without offering to pay what it’s worth. How dare he/she offer commission based sales dependent on whether or not the content pulls traffic (How do you even quantify that? 100+ hits means you get another dollar?) This isn’t professionalism. This is an 8-letter word that starts with “bull” and ends with, “shit.”

People, if you’re not willing to pay qualified professionals for strategic, creative work then don’t demand creative and strategic work that isn’t, “sex or negative nancy.”

But I digress…

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