Why I BarCamp

by Nicole Branigan on October 17, 2012 · 0 comments

Hopefully most of you know that I’m presenting a session at this year’s Barcamp Nashville. My session “You Are Not Don Draper, But You Can Still Write Copy” (#bcn12_writecopy) should be a riveting and informational journey in which we discover the joys of copywriting together. Also, booze is served, so there’s that.

I submitted a session to BarCamp on a whim. I was in a bit of a work rut, as I have previously discussed. I thought a challenge like this would scare me and shake things up. I was right. My session was chosen (holy shit) and I’m looking forward to presenting my copywriting tips and tricks.

This is Why I Barcamp:
It’s fun
It’s challenging
Networking is Important
Also, the booze

Why You Should BarCamp (And attend my session at 9:45 am at the Karma Lounge)
Learn something new
Learn someONE new
Put yourself out there

Look here for more information about Barcamp Nashville. Looking forward to seeing you at BarCamp Nashville 2012 this Saturday!

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