Wrap It Up!

by Nicole Branigan on January 16, 2010 · 0 comments

Size Matters – The length of your blog posts affects your readers.

As humans in the age of technological advancements, we’ve learned ways to make our lives easier, and toKeep Blog Posts Short get the things we want and need faster. As a result, our attention spans have suffered. From drive thrus where we get our food fast, cheap and easy – to news tickers, where the information we need scrolls across the bottom of our televisions in double time – as a culture we want things NOW.

I Needed That Yesterday

We’re too busy, we don’t have time waste reading verbose articles on blog post length and why your social media plan may not be working for you. When it comes to blog posts the adage of “short and sweet” rings more true than any other form of media. Keeping your blog posts an average of less than 400 words will ensure two things:

You’re Not Boring Me. I’m guilty of it too. I click on an article and immediately scroll down to see how long it is. All the way to the bottom of the page? I may move on. Just a few paragraphs? I may manage to scrape up a moment of time long enough to read what you have to say.

You’re Not Being Wordy. Chances are – you can make your point in 350 words better than you can in 700. If you find your blog posts are consistently lengthy, read over them and remove any excess language. Example:

a. There are many different types of social media strategies and plans.

b. There are many social media strategies.

Read through your posts to ensure you’re words slice through the clutter – and don’t contribute to it. We’re busy people with busy lives, and most of us are committed to American Idol twice a week.

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