You are What you Write

by Nicole Branigan on November 1, 2010 · 0 comments

Cutting Edge ContentDon’t be a saltine.

I’m working towards building an extended client base and striving for content ideas and strategies that reflect what I feel is interesting, and a cut above the rest. Don’t get me wrong, I have great clients, and I truly love all of them. But, I need to be realistic with myself. I’ve only been freelance writing for seven months, and I need to build a client base in order to prove my worth and talent. However, in recent months I’m starting to feel the blandness in my own creativity.

How do you deal with saltine writing?

By this I mean, writing that’s bland and quite frankly, has one purpose: to not make you nauseated.

In my personal experience, I try to sell to my clients my ability to write focused content without any clutter. Is that enough? Sometimes it’s not. Once in a while you capture that dream client that understands the need for what I am currently calling, “cutting edge.” More often than not, we are all too busy to put in the time, energy, and mental stimulation that goes into creating the surf and turf dinner of content.

What is surf and turf content?

Think about surf and turf. It’s bursting with flavor, it’s varied, and when done right, you don’t forget about it too easily. Plus, if your surf and turf involves lobster or crab, you probably wear one of those bibs, and in that case your surf and turf makes you LAUGH too.

This blog post is more about questions than answers, as I continue the undying search for an entire web base that’s filled with the utmost in interesting, engaging AND effective content written by ME. Feel free to provide input regarding your thoughts on interesting content below. Tips, experiences, and general feedback are ALL welcome.

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