You Can Always Restart

by Nicole Branigan on July 10, 2012 · 0 comments

In life, there is always a restart button. Unless you’re dead. You Can Always Restart

“Man, if life were only like a video game; then you could press the restart button.”

How many times have we said, heard, or thought this? Everyone has had a moment where they wish they had the chance to restart their lives and wake up to a clean slate. Wake up, folks. You can. You can start a new career, or go back to school, or start a new relationship, or move to a new city.

Unless you’re dead.

Or you’re on parole and can’t leave the county. This complicates things.

The point is there is always time to reinvent. Renew. Rinse, Repeat. Change your focus and take some time to figure out what is important to you. Even if you’re happy in your career and/or life, you should regularly take an inventory of your life and see if there is a place for you to shed your old skin in place for a shiny, new skin. Or snakeskin boots. Or regular boots.

There are nine-year olds getting college degrees. There is a paraplegic finishing a marathon. If the Octomom – the woman who had EIGHT BABIES can reinvent herself into a porn star than there is hope for us all. You are not dead. You are a bird of reinvention. A pillar of possibilities. Hit that bright, red restart button and see what happens. Turns out, the game is not over.

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