You Can Have It All, Just Not All At Once

by Nicole Branigan on March 3, 2014 · 0 comments

Or some other cliche about everyone needing to chill the f$&% out.

January-March is the busiest time of year for me. Large companies and small businesses are rolling out marketing projects based on new budgets approved after the New Year. It’s a great time to be an independent copywriter because it means I have the luxury of saying,”yes,” to some projects and, “no,” to others. It’s a luxury I’ve earned after ¬†five years of freelance copywriting, and a luxury I’ve had to learn to use wisely. Saying no to projects means I have more time to work on the projects I care about. This results in a better process for me as a writer, and a more polished end product for my clients.

But I can’t have it all. I don’t get to have the perfect client with an unlimited budget and a flexible project deadline. The perfect client is typically in a rush, or is running low on funds. Or perhaps the less exciting project has an unlimited budget and is willing to pay for someone to plow through the dull material at a higher rate.

You don’t get to have it all either. You don’t get a copywriter that will work tirelessly for little money. Maybe you will get that, but speaking as someone that used to be that copywriter, the end result won’t be as pretty as you hope.

So we don’t get to have it all, or when it rains it pours, or a bird in the hand is worth two stuck to the grill of my car. It doesn’t matter how you slice it, but it is important to realize you can’t always have your cake and eat it too. Be patient with the copywriting process and I promise you that your copywriter will deliver.

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