You Don’t Have to Finish What you Start

by Nicole Branigan on July 21, 2011 · 0 comments

How to Complete Freelance Copywriting Projects(Well, not always)

I’ve always been the type of person that finishes what she starts. In fact, I consider it one of my assets as a freelance copywriter. If I start a project, I have to see it into completion. Otherwise, I feel a sense of urgency (read:anxiousness) because the project will either remain incomplete or be finished by someone else.

After the birth of my son, and as I ease back into my life as a freelancer copywriter/editor, while explorer the dual role of mama/writer, I’m slowly learning I don’t have to finish everything I start. While projects I commit to must be completed, if I sit down to a project I don’t have to work until it’s finished. I can walk away from projects to sing songs with my son, or find that bag of dirty diapers I lost last week (seriously, where is it??).

Walking away from projects and coming back to them allows me to refocus and reanalyze the approach I’ve taken. While the project will occupy my mind until it’s finished, this will allow my brain to consider the way I’m tackling the project, and whether or not there’s a better way.

It’s a shift in the way I operate and that will take time getting used to. But, learning that I don’t always have to finish what I’ve started will allow me to focus more on the tone of the project and the quality of my overall work.

How do you work? Do you always finish what you start, or do you take time and walk away from your projects?

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