Ads I Wish I Wrote II

by Nicole Branigan on March 17, 2014 · 0 comments

My favorite advertisements say the most by not saying much at all. Case in point: this overly simplified yet completely in your face print advertisement by The Economist. One simple sentence: “I never read the Economist,” seemingly said by a 42 year old trainee says so much. This person never read The Economist. That’s all the ad says. However it implies regret. It implies this person is a loser. It implies this person wishes he read the Economist.

Economist Ad | Blackbird Can Write

This ad also does a good job of making you feel things. It makes you chuckle, assuming you’re one who chuckles (I’m more of a chortler myself). It piques your curiosity. This advertisement makes you wonder what the Economist has to offer. It sets a tone of confidence and authority. It does all this in eight words and one number. And that’s what great copywriting is all about. I’m inspired.

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