Departure Roulette: Heineken’s Inspiring Marketing Campaign

by Nicole Branigan on July 18, 2013 · 1 comment

Oh my god, Heineken, you’re making me feel excited and inspired on this dreary Thursday afternoon. No, not because your beer is perfect for summer (which, as controversial as the craft beer movement may find this, I agree with) it’s because your new marketing campaign, “Departure Roulette” is changing people’s lives!

The set up: Find people at the airport and tell them they can push a button and travel to any destination they want. The catch? They have to cancel their existing travel plans and leave immediately.

What does this mean? It means taking a risk. It means finding adventure in the most soul-sucking places in the world (airports). It means going out on a limb and surprising yourself. It means pissing off your wife because you’re jet setting to Cyprus within a moment’s notice.

I’m not sure what this campaign is doing for Heineken in terms of return on investment, but I do know it is showcasing the Heineken brand as adventurous, light-hearted and fun. And I like it. You can find out more about the actual people taking these trips by following @Heineken and the hashtag #dropped. Check out the video and tell me, would you play Departure Roulette?


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