Pepsi to the Max!

by Nicole Branigan on July 21, 2010 · 0 comments

How the new Pepsi commercial exhibits innovative brand awareness

I love this commercial!

I love the awareness Pepsi displays in this commercial. Coca Cola already has a wildly popular zero calorie soft drink. For Pepsi to come out with Pepsi Max, a great tasting zero calorie soft drink, they realized they would inevitably have two outcomes:

They would have to manage the “they are copying Coca Cola” mindset of the large population.

Their product would not be able to escape comparisons to the widely known Coke Zero product.

Pepsi did something ingenious and magical with this commercial. They address both outcomes in a hilarious commercial that serves to say, “yea, we were second, but it still tastes great,” as well as addressing the ongoing Pepsi versus Coke competition. Simply put, they understand their brand. More importantly, they understand their competition’s brand. The ability to acknowledge this publicly in an entertaining advertisement – pure greatness. Me thinks their marketing team deserves a raise.

What do you think? Has Pepsi outmatched Coca Cola in their outright acknowledgment of their competition?

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