Self Marketers We Hate to Love

by Nicole Branigan on January 4, 2010 · 0 comments

They’re everywhere. You want to ignore them, and pretend they don’t exist in every nook of your life. But like an ingrown toenail, they dig and dig and keep showing up in your life (Editor’s Note: I’ve never had an ingrown toenail, I’ve just heard about them)

Regardless of the analogy self marketers can accomplish something that..well, only self marketers can.

Paris Hilton

If you can’t go viral organically, force yourself to go viral.

Spencer Pratt

Bad marketing is still marketing.

Lady GaGa Alexander McQueen

Shove your image and product down the throats of a mass audience and the odds are in your favor that a sizable percentage will buy your product.

Now, I realize that this takes a certain amount of skill, and of course, money. Apparently, it doesn’t hurt to be blonde, either. Yet, I still find this notion fascinating. I’ll be the first to admit – when Poker Face came out I was out for GaGa blood. Now, I’m in a Bad Romance.

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