Show Us Your Pizza

by Nicole Branigan on August 9, 2010 · 0 comments

Dominoes gives the social experience a big old hug.

Dominoes Show Us Your PizzaHave you seen these guys? I am loving their new advertising campaign approach. Dominoes, once a pizza chain luxury reserved for post libation excursions, has really stepped up their game. Here’s what they are offering customers:

We screwed up, here’s how we’re going to fix it.

At the beginning of the year, Dominoes showed videos of test groups doing blind taste tests of their product and the reviews were less than stellar. Dominoes boldly broadcasted the results, and vowed to do better by their customers. Dominoes didn’t squash the negative feedback, but chose to acknowledge it and improve from it. Blackbird approved.

The Social Media Advantage: Dominoes is really capturing the heart of the social experience, by acknowledging that the power is back into the hands of consumers. By not only giving consumers a voice, but LISTENING to that voice, Dominoes has really cornered a special market.

It’s All About You.

The next round of Dominoes advertising shows the company refusing to use altered photographs that have been touched up to make their food look better. Instead, Dominoes is encouraging consumers to “Show Us Your Pizza” and submit real, unedited photos for cash prizes.

The Social Media Advantage: Here, Dominoes is exploring the social media experience in a whole new way. The Show Us Your Pizza campaign encourages consumers to participate. By doing this they garner interest, excitement and loyalty in the process.

Well done, Dominoes. I used to be a fan of your deliciously fiery chicken kickers, but now I am a fan of your social media efforts and customer appreciation.

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