Targeting Your Target

by Nicole Branigan on December 3, 2012 · 0 comments

(Or Marketing To Your Market)

Have you guys seen the new Kid Rock video, “Let’s Ride”? It’s kind of scary. It’s geared towards our soldiers (whom I love and respect and am very, very grateful for) and there is a lot of real war footage and imagery. Suffice it to say a lot of bombs are detonated. According to Mr. Rock, Let’s Ride is a “song for our troops fighting for our Freedom around the world. It’s a song for them to play loud whenever and wherever they can, to fire them up when they need it.” Freedom is supposed to be capitalized, by the way.

I get it. This song isn’t necessarily for me, which is probably why it’s so scary to me. I get that it relates to a certain group of people who probably feel un-relatable at many junctures in their lives. Some may call this pandering to a specific group of people to get radio plays, but I call it KIND OF genius. Like Mike Myers, Kid Rock understands his target audience. Kid Rock knows who is going to play this song – the 20-something veteran who is overseas right now, or transitioning back into civilian life. Kid Rock couldn’t give a crap if I play his song, because he knows who is target audience is and he’s going for them. Oh, he’s going for them.

Check out the video for “Let’s Ride,” and let me know what you think. Is Kid Rock pandering to our wartime sensibilities or is he simply playing to who he know will listen?

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