The Brawny Blunder

by Nicole Branigan on March 23, 2010 · 1 comment

Brawny Paper TowelsCreating your Own Content is Priceless

I’ve been disconnected from reality for the past 10 days, due to my blissful wedding and honeymoon, so I’m sure anyone who hasn’t been sipping mai tais professionally has seen the newest commercial from Brawny. Brawny has always made cheesy commercials, but has now taken to bastardizing soul classics such as this timeless number from Bill Withers.

Brawny\’s Version of \”Lean on Me\”

Is anyone else offended by this? While the recognizable and memorable tune may stick with the Brawny audience, the use of a classic song to sell paper towels seems soulless. Of all the songs, Lean on Me? Lean on Me??

Brawny, and all of us, can learn a valuable lesson about original content. Original content should come organically – and is priceless in sharing your brand and your voice. Brawny’s shameful, and blatantly mediocre use of one of the most well known songs of all time may isolate portions of their target audience, because the output is recycled and tired.

Now, countless companies have used popular songs to sell products. While typing this, a Swiffer commercial is using “Who’s That Lady” to sell wet mops on television. Yet,  Brawny’s attempt at the same feat is more jarring due, in combination, to their shoddy interpretation and use of a song with a real and uplifting meaning to the majority of Americans. Take Brawny’s new commercial as a valuable lesson – when in doubt, be original throughout!

Note* Bill Withers did the original “Lean on Me” NOT Al Green! Thanks Plaid Dog Design

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Plaid Dog Design March 23, 2010 at 5:00 pm

That’s what I’m here for. Bottom line, great article. I hadn’t seen the commercial yet. Worst cover yet. And that’s saying something when Michael Bolton covered it.


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