3 Ways Social Media and Networking Help me Plan my Wedding

by Nicole Branigan on March 7, 2010 · 0 comments

Beautiful Wedding RingsBlackbird Gives Tips on Using the Web to Orchestrate a Destination Wedding.

Next week will mark the day that my fiance and I tie the knot! We could not be more excited, grateful, introspective, nervous, freaking out…I’ll stop while I’m ahead. To make a five and a half year story into a 300 hundred word blog post, my fiance and I decided (for many reasons) to have a destination wedding. Destinations weddings are becoming a more popular way to wed, and couples are learning they are more affordable, more intimate and a romantic and personal way to share your vows!

We live in Nashville, and upon the recommendation of some friends and the desire to see beautiful Hawaii, we chose to wed in Maui. Naturally, the world wide web played an intricate part in planning our wedding, but it wound up being the hub of all our research, planning and booking. Here are three great social media and marketing tips to help you plan your great big day!

Bing Travel Alerts

Simply type in “Flights to ____” and Bing will allow you to customize your search by date, time and location – all while remaining at the search engine website. What’s more, Bing features a “price predictor” that tells you current rates of flights, and whether or not (based on current trends) the price is expected to go down. Create an account and receive email updates when flights to your desired destination are at a great price!

Twitter Hashtags

I used the hashtag #Maui to find out when whale watching season was, and what I should expect when traveling to Maui. Hashtags are updated in real time, by real people so I know I’m getting current tips, trends and weather information.

Facebook Wedding Profile Application

Okay, this started because I HAD to have the cheesy wedding countdown on my Facebook profile. Yet, the Facebook Wedding Profile application wound up being a superb tool in compiling the countless hours of research I did in one easy place. Not only was I able to orchestrate a guest list and provide details of the ceremony and reception, guests, my fiance, and I can visit the Facebook profile while we’re in Maui and see a list of restaurants, activities and venues we checked out ahead of time.

From Yelp.com to Google Reviews, the internet was invaluable in helping us plan our destination wedding. Current trends on the web are leaning towards smarter browsers and better search results that understand what we want and need to find, as well as an overall collaboration of the world on the internet. Well, we thank you, world. Thanks for helping us plan the biggest day of our lives!

Note Blackbird Marketing Blog will not be posting for a few weeks, but stay tuned for more introspections about social media, networking and blogging! Thanks so much for reading!

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