A Blackbird caws…when she should be tweeting

by Nicole Branigan on December 28, 2009 · 0 comments

Are You Talking to Me?

A guide to practicing what you tweet.

Why is it so hard to commit to a schedule upon which my Twitter account is updated regularly? I understand the value of Twitter, and continually write of the need for regular updates. But as of late, I’ve let my Twitter account fall by the wayside, and my audience has followed suit. Perhaps the holidays have caused me to abandon one of my most valuable (and free!) marketing tools. Could it be that my self awareness is becoming self deprecating and forcing me to question what I tweet to the 60 people that are alerted to my existence every time I login to my Twitter account?

Whatever it is, it stops here. Here are Blackbird’s Top 5 Reasons Why Twitter Rules

1. Celebrity tweets. Wait, too easy. John Mayer’s tweets…no too obvious. I’ve got it – Diablo Cody and Sarah Silverman tweets!

2. Blackbird LOVES to tweet about Blackbird. If there’s one thing I can’t turn my back on, it’s self promotion.

3. Twitter is growing by leaps and bounds and changing even faster. Jump on the train before the wheels start spinning out of control and let’s see where this baby takes us.

4. Valuable information. Planning a trip to San Francisco? Thinking of going vegan? There are tweets out there in real time, from real people. Find out what others are saying about things that matter to you.

5. Network, duh. Don’t be afraid – get out there and DO IT!

Blackbird will continue to fight sheer abandon and tweet on..How about you?

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