Congratulations! You’re doing it Right!

by Nicole Branigan on March 22, 2011 · 0 comments

social media marketing done rightA look at what makes your social media marketing efforts succeed.

When thinking about social media initiatives, it’s easy to point a finger and say, “That’s not working.” It’s easy to examine your current efforts and see what doesn’t work, rather than what’s helping gain leads and drive customers to your website (and your business). However, it’s equally (if not more) important to recognize what does work, and what you’re doing right to boost sales and gain valuable leads.

If you’re taking these actions – Congrats! You’re doing it right!

You’re producing your own content. By this I mean podcasts, videos, blog posts – you name it! Produce it and they will come.

You’re promoting your content regularly. Hey, that’s what Twitter and Facebook are for (sort of).

You’re not ONLY promoting. Are you only posting when you have something to say about you? Good. Take time to ask followers and fans questions, and share information and products from other companies in your niche. Your fan base will thank you, and so will your business.

You’re Tracking your Results. I think a lot of companies get bogged down when tracking results and examining analytics. It’s important to track your social media following, and to understand who is clicking on your website, what they are clicking on, and how long they are staying. Without this information, you have no frame of reference for improvement. My suggestion: track your results, but don’t get bogged down by the details.

These are but a few actions you can take to improve your social media marketing and gain more leads for your business. Yes, these involve a time commitment, and many businesses fear the cost of that commitment.

It’s time to remove fear and money woes from the equation and get excited about producing content for your website and your business! Create a learning opportunity for your staff, or engage in new discussions with colleagues and learn something new yourself! Content doesn’t have to be boring newsletters and dry blog posts. Instead, explore the inner workings of your entrepreneur mind and discover something new!


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