Hu Has the Power? YOU Have the Power! Part II

by Nicole Branigan on April 7, 2010 · 0 comments

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Hulu’s  Revolutionary Catering to the Viewer

There is A LOT of great television on this year! From Breaking Bad, to Dexter to all the history programs (American Idol reruns) I just can’t get enough! Still not succumbing to Comcast’s obscene prices and fearful for my own willingness to fall into a black hole of television and gummi bears, I do not have cable. Alas, I rely on Hulu’s streaming media to provide me all the great programming I miss throughout the week.

Last time, I wrote about Hulu giving viewers the power to choose the type of advertisement they want to choose. While this may not seem revolutionary, I beg to differ. Choosing between watching Clorox products clean a bathroom, and watching Clorox products clean a kitchen may not be the most titillating of decisions. Yet, the blatant (and unusual) regard for the viewer is a pleasant surprise for someone tired of watching personal injury lawyer commercials.

Now, Hulu has flattered me once again. Instead of allowing me to choose what type of commercial I would like to view (they still do this on occasion) Hulu lets me bypass commercials all together. Hulu patrons now have the option of taking a short survey on basic products (ex. Maybelline cosmetics) or a 5-10 question quiz on popular network televisions shows. Sure, I’ll tell you that Lauren Graham took over the starring role in Parenthood if it means I get to watch the entire hour of Food Revolution commercial free (if you haven’t seen Food Revolution – get your mildly overweight ass to Hulu STAT).

What this tells me is not only does Hulu understand their consumer audience, they RESPECT their consumer audience. They know:

We hate commercials

We have short attention spans

Our opinions matter

In giving the viewer the option of opting out of commercials and partaking in surveys they actually give the power (yet again) back to the consumer! Praise Be! Paula Deen cooking tips for all! Ahem, National Geographic documentaries, etcetera, etcetera.

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