Is Craigslist a Social Networking Website?

by Nicole Branigan on August 25, 2010 · 1 comment

Craigslist T ShirtExamining what makes a website “social”

Who doesn’t love Craigslist?! I’ve used Craigslist to find jobs, housing, furniture, and more. Craigslist connects people offering goods and services with those who need those goods and services the most. Yes, Craigslist has its flaws, and is more recently subject to scam artists who prey on the less Internet savvy. Because I use CL every day, I’ve been wondering whether or not its nature is truly social. Let’s discuss:

For People By People. The heart of Craigslist lies in the notion that it is truly user driven. The content is produced, published and edited by users of the website. The crux of social media is that content is produced by users of the website.

Communication Between Users. Communication from one user to the next is a critical element that makes social media work. CL has user driven help forums, and many users of the website have taken a vigilante approach to monitoring posts that may be scams.

It’s Making Headlines. Remember the Craigslist Killer? The horrible events that unfolded last year are still making headlines.  This deplorable event is tragic and awful, but it also created controversy worth noting.

“Best of Craigslist” posts are all over the Internet, displaying hilarious and zany posts others have shared. Huffington Post showcased the “Most Amazing Craigslist AD Up in Here,” furthering our love for crazy people posting things on CL. Craigslist is helpful, but it’s also hilarious.

In general, people are connecting with each other on Craigslist, and people are sharing content on Craigslist, the two fundamentals of what puts a website under the great big social media umbrella. Blackbird hereby declares Craigslist a social media website! Go forth and share!

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