Justin Bieber Goes Viral and You Can Too!

by Nicole Branigan on April 19, 2010 · 0 comments

Justin Bieber

I recently went to Hawaii on my honeymoon. When I left, all was right and sane with the world. When I returned, two weeks later, Justin Bieber was elected President, King of England and the number one selling artist this side of the Atlantic Ocean. His teeny tiny bopper market tends to annoy me, but “The Bieb,” (as he shall be named) has proven once again that viral content on the web is unstoppable.

We all know there is no “recipe for success” when going viral is concerned. Yet, The Bieb has several factors going for him:

He’s adorable. As Tina Fey said in this hilarious skit a couple of weeks ago, his smile is “like watching a baby bunny sniff a tiny flower.” If you want your content to go viral it needs to be appealing.

Justin Bieber on SNL

Talent. Yea, I said it. The kid can sing. Sure, he’s perpetuating regurgitated melodies with soulless lyrics, but have you SEEN him sing Usher..IN FRONT OF USHER?! I’m not going out and buying his album but this YouTube video is Blackbird tested, Blackbird approved.

Justin Bieber Sings Usher

Fresh Content. The Bieb’s got a fresh faced positive attitude that’s just what the YouTube community ordered. We love the success story of an average American reaching up for the stars and grabbing the moon. In the case of The Bieb, he reached for the stars and we’re reaching for every Teen People, Beat, and Seventeen Magazine we can get our hands on.

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume Blackbird Marketing Blog does not have a following of Bieber lovers, and am looking forward to the hate comments following this post. I’m confident ALL of my followers daydream about their content – and with some creativity, persistence, excellent timing, and a sprinkle of The Bieb, you just may strike gold.

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